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Rome total war mods

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Hi Im a big rome total war fan but I am bored with the game and so I whant to experience a new mod. I was hoping that you guys could help me I... I dont know any good mods and so i was thinking that you guys could help me chosing a god mod for rome total war just post your opinion about the mod and your experience if you please. By the way do mods affect how my computer runs the game like does it makes im slower ? Many thanks for those who will post sorry for any writing mistakes i am portuguese hehehe

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  1. Arjos's Avatar
    You have to play Europa Barbarorum ^^

    And yes mods affect the computer a lot, if you don't have a good machine you'll have to lower your settings...
  2. vartan's Avatar
    Ola! Yes, I must agree with Arjos, you must, you have to no matter the cost, play EB. It is your destiny and your final will to play this game. Even if it is the last thing you do on this earth, you must play EB. Not only is it by far the most extensive mod I know of, but it is simply awe-inspiring in its depth of research. The community also is an amazing bunch of people. They will really help you when you need it. I also happen to run the online tournaments for EB for the past couple years. Please join us if you like to play online as well as against the computer, you won't be disappointed. We also happen to have a Portuguese speaker/player from Brasil if that's any support for you!

    All the best,
  3. Hamata's Avatar
    XGM then EB xgm is more close to vanila then EB
  4. Cute Wolf's Avatar
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