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A new IH..

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I'm slowly putting together a game similar to "The Thirty Years War" and it is set to the WWI time period.
It starts in 1914 and ends in 1920(4 tpy = 24 turns).
This will be similar to the "TYW" but in the same time it's going to be completely different.
Some new stuff:
* Technology tree.
* 3 theaters of war(Europe&N-Africa, America&Atlantic, German East Africa).
* NPC countries with their own politics and armies.
* Reworked industrial/production side of the game.
* Many different land, sea and air units(some will be available when certain technology is unlocked).
* Most importantly, there can be more than one player per faction.
* New countries could emerge through revolutions or wars of independence.

Currently there are 8 playable factions:

Anyway, I'll update the progress when I have the time but don't expect this game to start before April/May.

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  1. Thermal's Avatar
    Fairly confused with IH's (I prepared one a while back, never got round to actually starting it through realizing the work I was taking on!) However, looks very interesting. I would consider playing it as a learning curve.
  2. Csargo's Avatar
    Oh, I love WWI and I'd love to play this game.
  3. Beskar's Avatar
    How many rounds will this one last?
  4. Ibn-Khaldun's Avatar
    Hopefully longer than TYW since I plan to recruit couple people to help me.
    Also, I have learned from my TYW mistakes and I'm trying to avoid them.
  5. Subotan's Avatar


    Should I reprise my role as France?
  6. Centurion1's Avatar
    ^ ah no. if i ever hear the words subotan and france in the same sentence i will go on a murderous cyper rampage of the .org

    can i get a guaranteed in now. TYW was one of my favorite games. looks exciting
  7. Subotan's Avatar
    I'll bagsy an in as well. I want to play as one of the crummy countries (Austria, Italy, Turkey or Russia).
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