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Chinese Zodiac Mafia

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My latest small game should be coming out shortly. So I would like to share my plans for the game.

Chinese Zodiac Mafia is going to be 12 player game with 2 mafia with slightly different system. Those of you who played my small game Dual of fate (which wasn't too successful ) would remember the leader of the day system.

Lets start with a setting.
Chinese Zodiac are 12 animals which represents each year. If that makes sense..
This is the image for those who aren't familiar with it

Now 12 players are going to role play those 12 animals.
Two mafias are unhappy animals that wants their year to come more frequently.
They will try to kill everyone else so every year will be their year.
The towns are quite happy with the way it is right now and they will try and lynch those selfish serial killers.

Each night they'll be an leader of the night. Starting with Tiger.
The difference between the normal mafia games and this one is that only the leader gets to vote... Or rather choose who to lynch. Other animal may advice who to lynch but the leader gets to have the last say.

Hopefully this one will be more successful then the last one

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  1. Thermal's Avatar
    Sounds good, does the leader move clockwise, i.e after tiger, rabbit is next? If mafia is the leader, then there is little hope for getting a productive lynch too. Will there be night phases as well?

    I'd play it.
  2. Beefy187's Avatar
    Yes the leader moves clockwise. If that player aren't available i.e Rabbit gets killed or lynched, Dragon will be the leader after Tiger.

    Mafia will get 1 kill per night during the night phase as a team. Identity of the mafia won't be revealed after dead.

    Thanks for the reservation
    I shall be expecting you...
  3. Diamondeye's Avatar
    This sounds interesting, but also easy to exploit as the mafia.
    Therefore, I shall join the game as mafia (but don't tell nobody!).

    You should consider keeping roles random until they have their day.
  4. Beefy187's Avatar
    Which animal the mafia is. That is going to be random ofcause.

    And whether if you'll get the mafia is completely up to the gods of Random. Org

    Do you mean keeping roles hidden?
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