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Biggest Loser- Sign up closes VERY SOON

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Don't get fooled by the title. I dislike that TV show as much as you.
I am currently hosting a game called "Biggest Loser" which is a Battle Royale mixed with the elements of various TV shows. For those who don't know Battle Royale, it is one of gameroomers favourite game besides mafia. You should get the basic idea if you read This wiki article.

Here is some of what is going to happen in my game- Biggest Loser
I haven't even written it properly in the actual thread
So those who joined, I recommend reading it through again.

1. They'll be 12 players (Currently we have 7 But we'll get started tomorrow or so)
- And the host called 'Best Friend' (Parody of Big Brother and 'Friend' from a comic called 20 century Boy)
-And the soldiers who obeys the Best friends command. They will used to punish those who attempts to break the rule.

2. There is 2 phases. Day and night

3. During the night phases, players send in detailed orders about what they want to do during the night.
- You may explore the map, you may take a nap or you may even kill each other.
- Firstly you send the basic orders. For example you will send me orders like Go to Room number 7. Or Call some one in Room number 2 with our phone. After I get all the basic orders, I send out the result. For example, You go to see player Xs room. It seems to be empty.
- Then after you get the result, you will send detailed orders or battle plans. Eg Check the bathroom, prepare your weapons, Ambush the intruder. Soon as he comes through the door, give him a nice whack etc etc.
-I will read through the second orders and judge who wins the battle. All results of the battle will be on public write up.

4. Then it will be day phase
- During the day phase, I will set up a quick topic for the players to use. Players are not allowed to contact each other with out the use of this quick topic or the phone. This quick topic is to represent 'Lunch Time' where the player gathers to the center room to prepare for the night.
- While this is happening, any none players can read through the results, and vote for their least favourite player.
- The person who had the most vote after 24 hours will become the Target of the night. Player who successfully murders this target will be awarded with extra weapons.
- Player may send in orders during the day phase, and it will be reflected on the actions during the day phase.
-However killing players during day phase is forbidden. And the player will get killed on the spot by the soldiers.

5. Weapon choices
- Each player will be given the choice of three weapon classes.
- Those three are Melee, Ranged and Other stuff.
- Players may not change the weapon class mid game, but there is a way to get access to all weapons or get multiple weapon supplies per turn

6. Map
Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

-This will be the house used for this game.
-Small room on the top and bottom are the room for the players.
-Big room on the center is the dining room.
- Four squary things on the center is the stairs to the second floor. Second floor is where those soldiers are.

And this is the map of the room
Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

-Bathroom (Toilet and shower) with curtains as a door.
- Bed, Phone (To be used to contact other rooms) and a coffee table. There is 1 lights each on bedroom and the bathroom.

7. Who ever is the last one standing gets to meet the Best Friend. He will reward you with the three wishes you want to be true.

8. This story is fiction. It has nothing to do with real live organization. And obviously Beefy is not rich enough to make your dreams real

To sign up
1.follow the link

2. Send a pm to Beefy containing the following information (It can be anyone. As long as they're human)

-Who you are
-Tell me about your life so far
-Three wishes
- Weapon type (Melee, Ranged or Other stuff)

I hope I get to see more of you on the game

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