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A Blog Zhou Far - Incidents

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What? You're drawing ideas from other non-mafia games?

That's right. As the nature of the game will involve long movements across China, it would be ahistorical and boring to have no interaction with external events. In order to reflect this accurately and involve the players in the decision making process, in addition to the normal voting scenarios of Vote: Subotan, there will be "Incidents", when the group as a whole must decide how to react to external pressures.

For example, there might be a scenario where the Communists capture a Japanese soldier NPC. During the night phase the players will discuss their various options with the prisoner. I may lay out a few possibilities for you, but in the spirit of the Italicised Games, such as those by GH, SP and PEVERGREEN, you will have to figure out what the best course of action is. The consequences of that action will have positive and negative repercussions throughout the rest of the game.

In the scenario, you could execute the prisoner, bring him with you, release him, interrogate him, eat him or many others. It really will be up to the players to decide, so long as it remains within the realms of possibility. These "Incidents" and the discussion will take place during the night phase, as night phases have a tendency to be a bit dull, and I don't want incidents cluttering up the day phase.

I have four or five ideas for incidents which I may use in the game, and I will definetely use two. As always, add a comment if you have any questions.

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A Blog Zhou Far


  1. pevergreen's Avatar
    You spelt my name with a capital. I hate you.
  2. Subotan's Avatar
    Is that better?
  3. Beefy187's Avatar

    Game down at civ fanatics are doing something similar iirc. They had Barbarian embassy and it was working out pretty well. (Until my entire team got wiped out )
  4. Subotan's Avatar
    Could you provide a link? I can't find it.
  5. Beefy187's Avatar

    At post 81, there was a barbarian emissary called Doviello. And we got to vote if they would be allowed in the council or not.
  6. pevergreen's Avatar
    Nope, I still hate you sUbo.
  7. Diamondeye's Avatar
    On this topic [incidents and events]; You should check the NotW (#31) and M-NotW (#7?) hosted by TheForestAuro on the CFC site.


    Just saw I was beaten to it (by days) by Beefy. Damn you, sneaky!
  8. Beefy187's Avatar
    Sneaky is my middle name ^^
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