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WWI: Clash of Empires

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The above is the current title for this game.
This could change in the future.
Anyway, I thought I'll do a small preview.

First, I'll explain the in game movement.
Movement on Land
The fastest way to transport your armies from one front to another are railways. These allow the players to send an army from one city to another using only 1 order. No more 6 month long travels to get from one side of the Germany to another. If one side wants to cripple the other side movement then destroying railways is a good option.
Movement on Sea
In this game there are "Sea Movement Zones". Using these you can easily send your fleet from one theater of war to another. This also makes protecting your convoys even more important since transport ships and convoys can't exit those SMZ's.

Second, in this game there are resources that countries need in order to fight a successful war.
These are currently: Ammo, Supplies, Fuel, Horses, Food, Raw Materials.
From those you can produce: Trucks, Tanks, Planes.
There are also some places on map where some of your factories/mines/farms get some bonuses and you are able to produce 2x-5x more than usual.

Third, there is a small city building part in this game.
All cities have 9 squares where players can build their factories and other buildings. These can be destroyed by bombers or artillery. Besides the Warehouses and different Factories there are also Universities, Government Buildings, Army/Naval Bases, Airfields etc. Each of these have their own bonuses. For example, Universities allow you to research faster and Hospitals allow you to heal your wounded.

Fourth, NPC countries and puppet states.
Me and whoever finally helps me will control these. These can be influenced to join either sides or players can trade with them.
Puppet states work differently. These are released by the player led countries and shall receive their own territory, city(capital) and army. However, they will always remain under the control of the country who released them. Sometimes it's much easier to release a country as a puppet state than trying to hold them in your empire.

If you have questions or suggestions then please post or PM them.

Also, is this Gameroom or Chapter Room game?
I wondered about that before I posted TYW in Gameroom as well.

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  1. Beefy187's Avatar
    Roleplaying games are Throne Room iirc. Not sure what the Chapter Room does..
    If you are hosting this in the Chapter Room, be sure to advertise in the gameroom too
  2. Csargo's Avatar
    This is a Chapter House game. The Chapter House is for Interactive Histories, which is what this is in my opinion.
  3. Subotan's Avatar
    Gameroom, so everyone can watch me crush the rest of you
  4. Cultured Drizzt fan's Avatar
    No matter where this is, I am in. Thirty Year war was one of the BEST games in the gameroom I have played.
  5. Ibn-Khaldun's Avatar
    When I get to the advertising part I'll ask TosaInu to use the Announcement option(if it works in this version of the forum).
  6. Cultured Drizzt fan's Avatar
    I will be crossing my fingers that I get England again
  7. Ibn-Khaldun's Avatar
    CDF, you and everyone else who want to join as GBR can do that.
    To be honest, it would be good if there are about 3 people per country.
    This allows you to divide all the "last turn report" information(looks like there will be a lot of it) and most importantly this means there is always someone who can send me their orders.
    The game should be easier to play for the players that way.
    Updated 03-04-2010 at 20:37 by Ibn-Khaldun
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