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Beefys road to Beefdom

HoF votes is now open

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Much to my surprise, pevergreen told me that HoF votes were already opened.
Go vote for your favourite orgahs!

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  1. Andres's Avatar
    Vote Beefy for best Gameroom contributor!

    GO BEEFY187!

  2. Beefy187's Avatar
    No silly! Vote: Andres for the president
  3. Beskar's Avatar
    Even if you get no awards, you are always number 1 to me, Beefy!
  4. Subotan's Avatar
    Yes, I wasn't even nominated. Score!
  5. Beefy187's Avatar
    If your mafia game succeeds, I'm sure you would get nominated for 2010 Subotan

  6. pevergreen's Avatar
    I never get nominated for Gameroom stuff.

    Maybe I'll win something eventually. Oh well.
  7. Thermal's Avatar
    Pevergreen, you have so many nominations, you will win something....

    I can't say I'm surprised that I wasn't nominated, I wasn't here for half on the year lmao.
  8. Beefy187's Avatar
    Hey now Thermal, don't lower your self.
    With your creativity and ideas, surely you'll win something near future.
    I mean look how crazy people went when you went missing from Medieval mafia. That was a good game.
  9. Thermal's Avatar
    No I wasn't downing myself, If I had been nominated I would have dismissed it because you can hardly win an award for contributing in a year you haven't contributed much too.

    Yeah and medieval mafia, I enjoyed hosting that actually, shame I never got to finish it, luckily I had ATPG at the ready lol.
  10. pevergreen's Avatar
    Nominated for three things.

    All E:TW things.

    1. Being beaten by Fisherking. Happy to lose that.
    2. Being beaten by Megas. That was bound to happen anyway, so no hard feelings there.
    3. Losing to...None of the above? But its just me and that option...
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