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Indisputably, the mafia in the gameroom is much better here, however it couldn't harm to get some more players for mafia in the TWC. The TWC mafia forum is fairly barren, games are in play, but overall its not a very lively place.

-NO Hosting Queues, want to host a game? Go ahead and do it (though it would be ideal to join games instead of host if there are a few open).
-Most of the people playing mafia there are active on this forum, like a home from home
-Having two forums to play mafia can be fun, bookmark both pages and alternate to give you more to do...

-Less players (which is why your needed =P ) Meaning smaller games
-May need to make an account (which takes 5 minutes)

If your interested the sub-forum is below, there are a few spaces left on a mafia I've just opened, though once that's full, you may be interested in hosting a game yourself. < mafia game, in the mafia sub forum

P.S. Not an attempt to steal players from the guild, if you don't have time for two forums, then stick to this one.

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  1. Centurion1's Avatar
    ill join but only if centurion1 is open. lol
  2. Thermal's Avatar
    Good stuff, but another 1 couldn't hurt if it isn't....

  3. Beefy187's Avatar
    Yes, we have AA and Pizza as well down at the TWC
    If we can get 10 or so down at the TWC we can get some active small games going which will hopefully boost the mafia interest in the place.
  4. Centurion1's Avatar
    yeah i cant believe how empty it is. rather shocking.

    All .orgahs lets invade the place and show them how to do as real gameroom.
  5. White_eyes:D's Avatar
    I recall getting first-round lynched because of asking for a "Welcome vote".

    Seemed to die out after that....I think the guys there are a little less mature...maybe one day I will return, then again maybe not
  6. johnhughthom's Avatar
    You forgot "No Beskar" in your advantages.
  7. Beefy187's Avatar
    I think I called the welcome votes on you mate...
    We'll treat you nicely this time
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