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WWI: Clash of Empires

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Updated 04-01-2021 at 19:35 by Ibn-Khaldun

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  1. Centurion1's Avatar
    wow dude this is a serious undertaking. how you going to handle it are you co hosting this time or is it just going to better automated than 30yw. i await very eagerly whats your timeline as of now?
  2. Ibn-Khaldun's Avatar
    Yes, I know it will be a big game but I'm planning to co-host this whit 2 people. johnhughtom already offered me his help.
    Hopefully, it will be "better automated than 30yw". Just need us to insert some variables into spreadsheet and it will take care of everything else. At least that's my aim.
    Since I don't want to rush I plan to start this in the beginning of May.
    Things to do:
    *Battle system(especially navy) needs to be overlooked and units(mostly navy and air) needs to be balanced.
    *Buildings, their effects and bonuses need to be balanced.
    *Perhaps economical side of the game needs some redoing(make it much easier to follow).
    *"Graphics" need to be added(maps, map icons for units and buildings).
  3. Subotan's Avatar
    May is the start of my exams. It will be fun juggling revision and the Austro-Hungarian military.
  4. yuey's Avatar
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