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Beefys road to Beefdom

Mafia in TWC

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As Thermal mentioned, TWC gameroom needs more players.

We can run a mini game with ease. But the amount of regulars aren't enough to get a small game going.
Asking for helpers to get their gameroom running again, seeing how they've helped ours.

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  1. Subotan's Avatar
    I've never visited TWC. Is it safe?
  2. Beefy187's Avatar
    They won't bite... Not until they understand how tasty you are.
  3. Centurion1's Avatar
    they do like beef though.

    beefy's is really going all out for this your putting me to shame.
  4. Askthepizzaguy's Avatar
    I recommend it. But I hate the fact that there's almost no players.
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