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Just saw Liar game the movie

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In Japanese. In the cinema (Not torrenting) and I can quite easily say I like the comics more.
Here is my ranting about what I didn't like for those who cares.

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Fukunaga is a proper man... I mean... what?
Not only he is a man, but his used as a complete comic relief clown. Where as his supposed to be half decent player.

Akiyama. Hair style.

Characters could've developed better. They lacked depth

Extreme over reaction. "NOOOOOOO!!!" "I... lost?..... GAHHHHHH!" Done by several characters in separate occasions.
Shot of every single characters...
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I thought I could write more.. But it seems it wasn't that bad.. Just didn't like the way they done the movie.
I have to applaud for making a interesting game which could hold the tension for 2 hours strong, despite the silly reaction from few of the characters.

Anyhow, the only reason I went to see the movie was because it had good ratings, and because introduction of the game looked pretty interesting.
This is how the game works.

Garden of Eden game
-11 players
-Each person gets a random alphabet from A to K. This will be used to notify the players score.
-Each player gets a branding iron with their names on.
-There is a room to vote. There is three option of a vote. The three being...
  1. Golden Apple (Made from pure gold)
  2. Silver Apple (Made from pure silver)
  3. Red Apple of Truth

- The red apple represents the fruit of truth. The fruit which was allowed to be eaten. While Gold and Silver apple represents the forbidden fruit which Adam and Eve ate because of Snakes temptation. Players votes by using the branding iron on the side of the apple (supposedly wooden on one part) to put their name on the apple. Then put the apple in the voting box.
-All player must enter the room and vote once or else, they will lose 1 point.
-Players may put more then one apple in the vote, however, only the first one will count.

-How the points work
-On basic majority wins.
-If everyone chooses the forbidden fruit, the player who chose the popular colour gains 1 point, while the others loses 1 point
-If everyone chooses the same colour of the forbidden fruit, everyone loses 1 point

And this is where the Red Apple of Truth kicks in.
- If all player votes for the Red Apple of Truth, everyone gains 1 point.
-However if one player votes for the forbidden apple, while others are voting for the red apple.. Traitor gets 2 points while the others loses 1.
- If only one player are voting for the Red Apple of Truth, that player loses 10 points and his/her names will be revealed on public.

-There will be 13 games.
- Soon as all the votes are in, the game ends.
-Otherwise the game lasts for 1 hour each
- If a player goes below negative five points he will be "Paradise lost" and he will be forced out of the game.
-Winner gets 50 points.
- 1 point represents 100 million.

Quite complicated yes... There was couple of nifty tricks which helped the protagonists to win the game. That was very clever.
Greatest challenge of the game is for everyone to vote for the Red Apple.
As Judas clearly benefits from the betrayal. Also the risk of being the only one to vote for the red apple is vast.
Yet they managed to get it once in the movie.

I suppose I could make this into a game, but I can clearly see that nobody will bother to vote for the red apple. Especially when the "pride of humanity" is not on stake

What do you think about the game? How would you've won this? What do you think the protagonists did to win this?
I'm eager to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Thermal's Avatar
    So you vote but don't know who you've voted for?

    Confused but it sounds interesting.
  2. Beefy187's Avatar
    Votes are in private. you vote for one of the apples.

    On public, number of votes for each apples will be revealed along with the player score (In alphabet so they can't be identified by others)
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