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Battle Field Mafia requires one more player (TWC)

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No I'm not going for the "Best Blog" award 2010
Perhaps I could get a spmmiest Blog award 2010. Bit like the razzies.

anyhow. Thermal Mercury is hosting a mini game called Battle Field Mafia down at TWC. and we need one more player in order to start it.
Heres the link

If you join up, you get to vote for some of our favourite players like Johnhughthom!

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  1. Thermal's Avatar
    I haven't looked at the thread yet so I don't know if it worked but thanks anyway. I will follow the link and find out in a minute.
  2. Thermal's Avatar
    There is also blackomur's new age gods game, which needs MOAR!!! signups, so yeah, 147 views and no responses is fairly depressing lol.
  3. Centurion1's Avatar
    Cmon lets invade the twc and install tosa as its new overlord.
  4. Beefy187's Avatar
    IIRC, TWC overthrew its first admins.
    Thus why TWC is often referred to as a democracy.

    So even if we do invade them, we'll have a hard time setting Tosa up.
  5. johnhughthom's Avatar
    Yeah it's really a democracy with that "citizen" thing they have going on...
  6. Subotan's Avatar
    Haha, what? Tell me more about this so-called democracy.
  7. Beefy187's Avatar
    Don't know a whole lot about it. But I did read a thread where the original admin (Tosa like character) and the so called oppressed people discussed how the forum should be ran. (Which I tried to find but failed..)

    Modding community and AARtists seem to have a strong influence as well as this strange system called "rep" where users give other users reputation points.

    Also they seem to have a appeal thing. Where they have the judge, defendant and stuff like in real court yard.

    Found out more about the "citizens"
    They have the section called curia where those with citizen ranks can discuss site policy and new features.
    Updated 03-17-2010 at 01:45 by Beefy187
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