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Announcement: Chapter House Recruitment

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This blog is dedicated to the Interactive History aka "I can change the tide of history or/and roleplay" games. Be free to make it into the Chapter House blog.

Now please read

The announcement made by Franconicus (the author of the Concert of Europe Interactive History) himself

I am looking for high skilled, motivated players with much more than enough time to waste.
You should like history and be skilled in diplomacy and warfare. If you know how to deal with public opinion and the papers - even better.

Currently open position:
King of France
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Both factions have been abused during the last years and are looking for a gifted souvereign!
Blogger warns you: Fun and problems ruling your subjects are guaranteed !

Now a longer and more boring version made by Prince Cobra, a player and a blogger.

"Concert of Europe" by Franconicus. The Interactive History starts in 1815 with the defeat of Napoleon. The player is left with the freedom to determine the fate of the main countries in Europe like Austria, France, Great Britain, Prussia and Russia but also the Netherlands, Piedmont, the Ottoman Empire and even the ambitious Ottoman vassal Egypt. Diplomacy, intrigues and skilful managing of the war machine of your country can lead you to success. On the other hand, the people you rule are not silent subjects and can be influenced by the ideas of the epoch like these of the French revolution and the nationalism, which often makes the life of the players quite difficult. Reforms, censorship, political police, external and internal policies are the weapons of the politicians to control the situation. To make the things more complicated (and more interesting) a new idea has been introduced as more than one player can work for certain state taking the role of ruler, politician or general.

France and the Ottoman Empire are available. You can also contact with the rulers of the other nations to see if there is a place for an advisor (famous diplomat, administrator or of course, general). I won't hide I started as an advisor of the Austrian Kaiser as Chancellor Metternich. The year now is 1828...

On this address you can post your questions to Franconicus and join the game.

Prince Cobra

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