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My Baby

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No I didn't get pregnant. Chance of male pregnancy is lower then 0.01 percent.

What I wanted to talk about this time, is the new cool stuff I bought. And its called Pomera
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This is my sweet dear pomey. Guess what its used for?

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So basically, pomera is a small computer. Except you can only use the word function. Purely for typing.
Its so small that I can hold it on one hand. And boot it up in 2 or 3 sec so its really handy.
Every writers dream

It also have a calender function where you can type in your plans.

And to finish off the awesomeness...

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My sweet thing can create a QR code. You can type any long sentence and it comes up with a QR code.

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Now you use the QR code function on your mobile phone and the phone will immediately translate what the QR code says.

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Cool isn't it?

I hope you like it. I certainly do.
Even though my entire family was against me buying it saying "why can't you just use the laptop?"

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Small talk


  1. Diamondeye's Avatar
    That's ridiculous.

    And awesome.
  2. Beefy187's Avatar
    i know! I'm in love with this thing
  3. Thermal's Avatar
    You silly Japanese with your silly technology...

    I want one.
  4. Megas Methuselah's Avatar
    This is actually pretty cool, pack'o beef. Makes my head tingle.
  5. Beskar's Avatar
    Beefy has hearts on his phone.
  6. naut's Avatar
    pretty cool. no distractions on that. how long is the battery life?
  7. Beefy187's Avatar
    @Beskar- The heart shows that its on vibration... I think.

    @Psychonaut- I use the rechargable battery. So if I keep typing from fully charged battery it lasts 15 hours. 20 hours for the normal batteries according to the specs.
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