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Beefys road to Beefdom

Beefdom will rise once more

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Firstly, sign up for the Biggest Loser is now finished. Thanks to all those who took interest and hopefully I'll see you all when the public voting is up.

Now, I'll share a bit about whats going to happen in my upcoming Large Mafia game, "Beefdom will rise once more"

Story will take place on the island where "Noble Sons" series took place. The island is now ruled by the Consulate with the help of various lords and kings who agrees to their policy. However, rebellions starts to take place as the old dominating force.. Sons of Beefdom starts to rebel against the current rulers.

The game was originally going to be a "God Father" game, but I thought of something cool last week so I'm thinking of giving it a shot.

Firstly this game will have a "God Father" to represent the main figure who supports the rebellion, as well as his two hand picked grunts as a bribed lords who echos to his vision. For those who doesn't know how God Father works, please take time to read "God Father III" by GeneralHankerchief and previous series hosted by Silver Rush. Its a great game.

Then rest of the game is pretty much a rip off from Thermal Mercurys' game called "Medieval Mafia" down at Total War Center. With his permission, I would like to borrow his system (I'll ask later )

This is how "Beefdom will rise once more" is going to be different from the standard mafia game.

- Two consulates will be elected at the start of the game. If more then a majority votes for one, there will be 1 consulate who will work as a dictator.

- Strength. All player will start with a strength of one. The strength represents the army strength as well as their land strength.

-Two consulates will have the strength of five each, dictator will have ten.

-Strength also represents the number of votes they can submit. For example, consulates can vote five times at the start. This can be voted on five different players or even on the same.

-Mafia can only kill players who have a strength below theirs. They may combine the strength to kill a player though.

-Lynched players lose their strength entirely.

-Strength of the killed players will be voted out in public.

And for the final bits of awesomeness.

-War! Any player can declare war on a player at night. If the attacker has a higher strength then the defender, defender will lose all his strength (Will be at 0) thus losing his voting powers. He will still be alive however.

- You can go to war with a friend. By saying something along the line of, "Attack Double A, with Beskar as our leader." Beskars strength will be the combined strength of everyone who went to war with Double A. However only Beskar will get those strength.

- Strength can be given to other players. Eg "Give Thermal Mercury 2 strength points."

Over complicated? Perhaps it is... But I'll see how it goes.
Suggestions will be nice too


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  1. Thermal's Avatar
    Permission Granted, whether it ends up being similar or not, I'm sure it will be great! Nice use of this new blog system, btw.
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