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The Heretics

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Much like General Hankerchief's recent game, this is completely and utterly vanilla mafia at the TWC mafia forum. I have managed to get some new recruits for the game, a long with some supporters from this site, it could be a great game.

Link is in picture above.

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Updated 04-21-2010 at 02:30 by Thermal Mercury

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Mafia Games


  1. Beskar's Avatar
    I like the picture.
  2. Thermal's Avatar
    Thanks, I made it but someone else darkened it and merged the background in for me, it looks much better that way.
  3. GeneralHankerchief's Avatar
    I read the title of this blog and got really excited for a second because as we speak I'm working on a research paper about the Cold War author Humphrey Slater and The Heretics was the title of one of his books that I need to find out more about.
  4. Thermal's Avatar
    Then your excitement increased even further upon realizing its true subject? Amarite?
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