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What if we typed like we speak?

So Iwas sitten at home laast sunie mournin when memate boomerrang. Said he wus avin a few peeple over four a baarbie. Said he might cookaburraortwo. I sed sounds great will wallabethere? He said yeeeah. And veggiemight come too.

So I sed tothewife, you wanna goanna? She sed, i'll go if dingoes. So i sed wat'llwe do bout nulla? He sed nulla bores me to tears, leavehim at home.

We gottothe party bout 2, walked straightoutothekitchen to put some boooze in the fridge, and yawouldntbelieve it, theres boomerswife warra tryinta plaitapuss!

Thats all for now

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  1. Beefy187's Avatar
    Translation please
  2. Csargo's Avatar
    Blog Blogedy blogz I r in ur blogz blogging up ur blog
  3. Cyclops's Avatar
    Enough of this ostentation!
  4. Galain_Ironhide's Avatar
    If i typed like I speak, there would be a S@#t load of swearing.

    Lol I love Billy Birmingham. ttttwo for twentyttttwo.
  5. pevergreen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclops
    Enough of this ostentation!
    That's a great line.
  6. Quirinus's Avatar
    Haha, do Australians actually speak like that? I always thought it was just a funny stereotype.
  7. Cyclops's Avatar
    Naaaaaaah Maaaaate
  8. Captain Blackadder's Avatar
    Too right mate

    Alice springs into action. Thanks, Warra, ta. Has Eucum been in? Wait until Gum leaves. On the lawn, Ceston. Marie knows. Leave Jack around a party. Adel laid it on me. Do you wanna game of euchre, Lyptus? Can Wom bat? Can Tenna field? Dar wins every time. Is Bass straight? Swim in the River, Ina. I've got no cosi, Oscar. Without a thred, Bo. Perish the thought. No cooler bar maid. Where can Marsu pee, Al? You reek of Stockade. Cook a burra. A pair of queens land in. Crack on to Wumba. Try to mount Isa. Trying to plat her puss. Flash your wanga at her. What'll 'ey care? Seen a cock or too. Pack Bill a bong. Will a didgery do? Where's the Tally-ho, Bart? Great, Barry--a reefer. Blew Mountains away. Lord! How? Hey! Man! How much can a Koala bear? Lead you astray, Liana.
  9. Subotan's Avatar
    A great example of the fascinating sub-dialect that is Australian
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