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How to win a reverse mafia

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With ATPGs help of designing the game (Actually he did the designing, I did the hosting), experimental 'Beefys New Small Mafia game' ended with pretty good success.

There was a few minor problems which needs fixing, so I would like to ask experienced mafia players of Org for some input.

Basically, in this mafia game of 12 players, 3 players were chosen as mafias.
This seems pretty imbalanced for the towns, but the mafias objective was not to eliminate the townies, but to get all of the team members lynched. Heres couple of restrictions they had.

- Mafia team members can vote for each other, but they must unvote the votes before the end of the day. Failure to do so will result in a WoG
- Subtly townies were told that there may be joker(s) like role in the game.
- Mafias had to kill someone every night.
- I think No lynch was not allowed.

With slightly inactive townies help, mafia achieved their victory in 4 rounds with Skooma switching between abstain and vote skooma 3 times with in few minutes, Romanic false claiming cop and Seamus submitting a clue in write ups which pointed to him.

Now that everyone knows how the game works, what do you think Mafia and townies ideal strategy was assuming that everybody knew how the game works.

And how would the game work better?

I ask for your help

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  1. Askthepizzaguy's Avatar
    Gmmm.... next time I say make sure they are aware it's like a reverse mafia. Even point to the first game and explain the concept.

    No Lynch not allowed, forced Murder every round.

    If no one submits lynch votes or murders, it is chosen randomly in a way that does not favor the town (lynches one of the mafia) or the mafia (murders one of the townies). So if the town doesn't lynch, it will force a lynch of a mafia, which is bad for the town. If the mafia doesn't murder, it will force a murder of the town, which is bad for the mafia.

    I really think it can work. It just needs to be given a chance.
  2. Diamondeye's Avatar
    Is that post by yueyuan a jest or do we need to report it? -_-
  3. Beefy187's Avatar
    I think I reported before, but I'll do it again.
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