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Cute Wolf

Diary of A Newbie Modder Team, the Nusantara TW

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Today, when just arrived home from lectures... receive an E-mail with attachment from Sonic:

Sori, baru sekarang selesai beberapa unit ama deskripsi kasarnya dan pengaturannya, gw baru minggu depan balik ke Bandung, sekarang unit listnya lu aja yg benerin dulu, terus pikirin model apa yg cocok, urusin dulu ya bos. Ntar buka FB jam 10 an.
Soory, I'm just finished more unit lists now, give them rough descriptions and balance, next week, I'm back to Bandung, before that, its your job then to refine them and plan for model concept. Open Facebook at 10 pm, I want to talk something

Hoo, after a week Sonic has left our city for travelling, finally he sent out more unit lists, but now, it's up to me for deciding their concepts, he just give rough descriptions.... as well as some citation from literatures..... Darnnn....... I never tought that concepting and balancing historical units could lead to such boring affairs.... especially when planned their AOR, and which factions should capable to recruit them.... as I usually only get the drawing sketches and concept arts, but then, Sonic said that he trust me for doing the unit conception for javanese cultures.... but he said it wasn't funny calculating XL sheets from iphone... so until next week, that's me on that job....

And after contacting some fellow Romaioktonaios... I still didn't found any vacant modellers... checking my threads on TWC and found no reply... as well as checking sonic's thread at RTW Vacancy...... and found Jolt's replying with how to use proper grammar.... Ouch..... My bad grammar hurt myself again ... well

But our projects still goes on.... ^^
Keep fight Lykos!!!

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  1. Rahwana's Avatar
    Yeah... looks like you put my suggestion to report our modding progress in blog.... :thumbsup:
    So work now lazy ass ..... :whip:
  2. Beefy187's Avatar
    Is there a website where I can see your works?
    In anycase, good luck with it
  3. Cute Wolf's Avatar
    Look at the Forge and mod discussion sections then. Darn.... my concept units are stored on my album..... they are unviewable now.... (when I finished some more, I'll upload them into my photobucket instead)
  4. yuey's Avatar
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