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Cecil XIX

Vassals & Valour Rules Pt. 1

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Vassals & Valour
Game Rules

Game Settings

* Cecil XIX is the Game Master. (GM)
* Mod TBD
* Difficulty to be mod’s recommended settings, if possible
* Large Unit Size
* Battle timer Off. Show CPU Moves. Manage All Settlements
* Victory conditions TBD
* Personal Mod?
* Every ten (10) turns, the GM will give each AI faction a cash infusion, equal to either 1000 or 2000 florins for each settlement the player faction holds. This is void if the mod already has scripts for cash infusions to the AI.
* The number of land units being transport on fleets cannot exceed twice the number of ships.

How to Play - Detailed Rules

1. The Role of the Players

*1.1 Each player will role play a feudal noble in the chosen faction. They start as vassals of their father/benefactor. Each noble owns property, which include their own personal bodyguards at a bare minimum but can include additional military units, ships, agents, settlements and ancillaries. Some property provide income, some require expenses, and each noble has a personal treasury that increases and decreases each turn based on the income and expenses the noble has each turn.

*1.2 Upon joining, a player may choose from any unassigned avatar available. Players cannot formally reserve specific avatars, and must try to arrange for ‘gentlemen’s agreements’ with other players where possible if there is an avatar they want in the future. The game will not be modded just to include RGBs. Players should role play the traits of their avatars.

*1.3 Players whose avatars lead a battle are expected to fight that battle when at all possible. This will involve downloading the save file of the battle, playing it, saving it and then uploading the resulting save file. Uploading the post-battle save must be done within 48 hours of the pre-battle save game being uploaded. If the deadline expires, the battle is auto resolved. If there are multiple generals involved in the battle, the avatar chosen by the computer is considered the leader for all purposes and has the right of first refusal to command the battle. Other avatars in the ‘stack‘, hereby referred to as an ’army’, may substitute if the player of the avatar chosen by the computer is unavailable.

*1.4 The player will vote as his avatar on edicts, charter amendments and rule changes at regular intervals.

*1.5 Players are encouraged to write in-character stories in the stories thread; to discuss matters of state in the Deliberative Body deliberations thread; to write-up battle reports; to PM each other in character for role playing. Screenshots can be posted full-size, but must be kept under spoiler tags.

*1.6 Each player is required to post in the ‘Status & Arrangements Thread’, or SAT. Here they must list what settlement contains their treasury, and if they have more than one province they must list which province is their personal Capital. Players are also encouraged to use the SAT to post standing policies they have which other players should be aware of, such as not allowing other players to march in one’s territory without permission.

2. The Role of the GM

*2.1 Cecil XIX is the Game Master (GM) for Vassals & Valour. He is the only person who can decide when turns begin and end, either personally or through a temporarily appointed delegate. He has the final say on all rules disputes.

*2.2 Cecil XIX oversees each avatar’s finances. At the start of the turn he will list each noble’s property, income and expenditures. At the end of the turn he will tally up the changes each player has made and add the numbers up to determine how much money the faction should start with in the next turn, using the Financial Overview Screen (FOS). If the amount of money the faction has at the beginning of the turn is not what the FOS predicted last turn, the FOS takes precedence and the amount of money in the treasury will be adjusted via console command.

*2.3 Whenever they desire, but no more often than once every 10 turns, Cecil XIX or anyone he chooses may create an in-game Event. Events are not limited in scope, subject matter, or method of implementation. All game rules can be violated to implement an Event. The players can prevent the implementation of any single Event through a simple majority of OOC votes.

3. Personal Finances and Property

*3.1 Unlike previous TW RPGs, there is no Chancellor, Megas Logothetes or Seneschal. In V&V, nothing is owned by the faction. Instead, every province, unit, ship etc. has one, and only one, owner. Those things which are owned by avatars, including but not limited to settlements, army units, ships, agents and ancillaries are hereafter referred to as 'property'. At the start of the game, the factions property will be assigned to the avatars by the GM. All property conquered, recruited or otherwise created afterwards will be assigned based on the following rules. A noble can use his property and treasury as he wishes, to his ultimate (and personally defined) success or failure!

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