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Team Battlestars Recruiting

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Quote Originally Posted by [BTTLSTAR]Proteus View Post
Team Battlestars clan formed in 9th/2009 to bring together Friends from around the world that have fun playing Total War Strategy .
We contact our self and others as equal to us and we are ready for self sacrifice for the good of the team.
Our team is interested on the quality of the special few warriors that can stand up and fight on any giant enemy even if is outnumbered or outmatched with no fear of losing or winning the battle and without questioning their Captains .
Who is interested to be in the team has to :

---> Fight along side with one of us

-----> Sworn you ll follow orders according our ranking system and Codex

---> Make a post using our recruitment application

----> You must be ready upon acceptance to commit on 2 ranking levels training period that you prove your teamwork, your ability to remain cool under pressure , your friendship and loyalty to your teammates and last your micromanagement and strategy skills on battle.

Good Luck

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