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Convicts - Large Mafia Game Announced!

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I have prepared a large mafia game call 'Convicts', whilst I'm not revealing exactly what it is about yet It has been added to the mafia queue. It isn't likely to be hosted for a few months given the large mafia waiting queue, but there nothing like good preparation. If you think you would like to play why not Sign up now to guarantee a slot in the game when I do host it. Furthermore, those who sign up in advance will get a PM telling them when the game starts! Just PM me if you want to play and I'll add you to my list.

The more players I get for this game, the better, it is the first large game I have hosted and I don't plan on letting anyone down, it will be engrossed with text and pictures, that I will at least attempt to make interesting! I aim for 30 players for my game, but would also like someone (who isn't going to play the game) to review the roles and story I've written to check everything is good and balanced, ensuring a better game for you guys. As there are 30 slots to be filled, make sure your one of them!

P.S: More on this topic will be posted, giving incites into the game, if you don't want to sign up now, make sure to consider nearer to when its hosted. Thanks for reading.

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Updated 02-17-2010 at 04:11 by Thermal Mercury

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  1. Subotan's Avatar
    Blogs? Blogs? Who reads blogs?
  2. Thermal's Avatar
    It is a new feature and I know I will be. So can I count on you as a pre-signee then?
  3. Beefy187's Avatar
    Is it going to be something new? Or something simple? They're both welcome for me
  4. Thermal's Avatar
    Simple in most ways, but definitely has some new features.
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