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A Blog Zhou Far - Introduction

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So what's it all about?

A Bridge Zhou Far (ABZF) is a huge mafia game set in The Republic of China circa 1938. The town consists of a small band of Maoist Revolutionaries retreating across China in the aftermath of a betrayal by the Kuomintang (KMT) and the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA). The game will commence in June 2010.

China? But I know nothing about China in this period. I don't want to play a game where I have no idea what's going on.
Because I'm a nice host, I'll give you a quick summary up to the point where the game begins
Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

After the Chinese Revolution in 1911 which deposed the Manchu Dynasty, the Republic of China was established. However, it lacked the millitary muscle to assert its authority across the whole of China, and as a series of coups greatly weakened the Central Government's authority, the infamous warlords appeared across China. Often "governing" an area of territory the size of a large European country, they fought each other incessantly with band of brigands, living in luxury whilst the people starved. The Kuomintang (Nationalist) Government started a campaign in 1926 to unify China. Thanks to Soviet support, the warlords were crushed within two years, and most of China came under the rule of the leader of Chiang Kai-Shek, the general who had led the Expedition.

As the Kuomintang had attracted Chinese from all sides of the political spectrum, there was a lot of tension between the "Right" and the "Left" of the party. Soviet pressure had forced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to enter into an alliance with the KMT, but Chiang betrayed them and purged them from the party in 1927. Although the KMT's authority in China was stil weak, Chiang was determined to destroy Communism in China, and fought a series of campaigns against them. The Communists were nearly obliterated, but the Long March to Yan'an saved them, albeit with the loss of 90,000 Communists, and led to the rise of Mao Zedong.

From 1933, Japanese agression became more pronounced, with the invasion of Manchuria and the subsequent establishment of the puppet regime of Manchukuo. Tensions increased until 1937, when full scale war broke out. Quick Japanese offensives started to become bogged down after the Battle of Wuhan in 1938, when ABZF begins, due to the sheer size of China preventing complete occupation.

I'm the total opposite. I know everything about China, and I don't want to play a game that's historically unrealistic.
Following Hergé's maxiim, I am putting a lot of work into doing as much research as possible, in order to make it as plausible, and therefore fun as possible. Events that occured in reality will be referenced, and Chinese names will be used for NPCs or place names.

I will release information on roles, factions, mechanics as the weeks go on, so remember to check this blog frequently for news about ABZF. And if you subscribe, then the .Org will do the remembering for you.

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A Blog Zhou Far


  1. Beefy187's Avatar
    I know a little bit but not a lot.
    Will definitely join when it starts ^^b
  2. Subotan's Avatar
    Super! As I'll be posting semi-regular updates to this blog as we get closer to June, make sure to subscribe, so you don't miss any new info when it comes out
  3. Cute Wolf's Avatar
    Yeah.... i usually don't get interested in joining mafia games... but this one is quite interestin

    I want to join once it started
  4. ArpeggiateTHIS's Avatar
  5. Subotan's Avatar
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