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My plans for the future.

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1. Revive my WWI game.

I plan to restart it in November when I hopefully have more time for Org. There will be some changes that should make the game easier for both me and for any players who might be interested. It was a game into which I had invested a lot of my time and I am really disappointed that it died before it even started!

* Can't do it right now. Perhaps next year.

2. An EU3 roleplaying game

The idea is simple: Once in every 3-4 months(in-game time) a council/parliament will come together to decide the policies for the country and then I will carry them out. The king and "the great men" will be playable be people. Different advisors will have different powers. For example inquisitor can decide when to enact religious decisions, statesman will decide when to enact provincial decisions etc.
So, that means the game need minimum of 4 people active people while the others can join in and leave when ever they want.

Since I don't have EU3:HttT yet then I don't plan to start the real game soon. However, I might try to create a test game in Throne Room. I know that in Org there are quite some people who play EU3 so hopefully they join it.

3. An EB MP campaign

Yes, I know that there is no MP campaigns in RTW.
This is what I had in mind:
* Campaign will be set to the time frame of Second Punic war.
* It will be played on a Risk style map. Each turn players can move 1 province.
* There will be 3 teams: Romans, Carthaginians and Neutrals.
* Neutrals can change their side when ever they want while the other two teams can't. They will represent the Allies or mercenaries.
* Each player will start with 10 units. Romans and Carthaginians will start with minimum of 8 factional units(other 2 can be mercenaries or local units). Neutrals can have up to 6-7 mercenaries.
* The winner of a battle can recruit 1 more unit into his army. The loser will loose 1 unit(randomly chosen) from his army.
* Picture with the Battle results/statistics is important. Units that have suffered more than 50% casualties will be merged with another similar unit. If unit have suffered 90% and more casualties then that unit will be removed from players army(even if he won the battle).
* Reply of the battle from the winner is a must.
* Players can attack another player together. That leads to 2v1, 3v2 etc battles.
* If player looses his general in a battle he will be removed from the game and half his remaining units(randomly chosen) will join his team members army(if it is on adjacent province).

I think 2-3 players for each team could create an interesting game.
I don't plan to start this before November/December.

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  1. vartan's Avatar
    I really wish your EB MP campaign comes to fruition. I'd be sad if it didn't. You always have such great ideas IK.

    Take care,

  2. Ibn-Khaldun's Avatar
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