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    The EBII Team presents the 3rd preview of the Boii.

    In this preview's history section, we will show the full description of one of the Boii provinces, and just part of the description of their homeland, Boiotergion. In addition, we will show you some interesting facts regarding the Boii relationship with northern Italy, pertaining their common artwork. ...
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    The EBII Team presents the 2nd preview of the Romani.

    Today, we are proud to present the mighty Senatvs Popvlvsqve Romanvs. In this second preview for this faction, we will show you the new government system that has been designed for this faction by the Romani team. After that, we will show you some avatars based on our equites romani unit. Thirdly, we will display some in-game screenshots of the previously previewed strategy map settlements. And for the grand finale, we will show you images and descriptions of the fearsome legions of the Camillan period, plus a little video.


    Camillan Principes

    This is the second preview for this powerful faction. Don't miss it!
    by Published on 04-21-2010 08:23  Number of Views: 1993 

    The EBII Team presents the 1st preview of the Pritanoi.

    In this preview we give extensive details about the british faction, with a tremendous amount of informative material which served for the its development in the EBII mod. You can read all about the History, units and our sources.

    In the High Place of the White Horse we live peacefully, and yet are able to strike a blow when needed, as our neighbours know right well. Our way of life is perfect - rich farms cover the green and pleasant land, hardy ponies and sturdy cattle carry us and feed us, and the bones of the earth give us the metals we need to make sharp blades and bright spears - and neither do our swords sleep.

    Esseda (War Chariot)

    This is the first of 2 previews planned for this exciting faction. Don't miss it!
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    The EBII Team presents the 2nd preview of the Boii.

    In this preview we give details about the origin of the name Boii and the locations of their oppida. You can also have a detailed description of 4 new units (along with 4 upgrades), which include an elite heavy infantry unit as well as the famous celtic light cavalry. You can download 2 videos with battle footage and a showcase of the featured units and reformed versions, to see how they look in-game.

    Acus Eporedoi (Swift Horsemen)

    This is the second of a series of 3 previews planned for this great celtic faction. Check it out!
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    The EBII Team presents the second preview of a powerful barbarian faction: the Getai.

    Herodotos relates that during the expedition King Dareios I led against the Skythai north of the Black Sea in 513 BC, the Getai alone resisted the advance of the Persian Army. Though they fought valiantly enough for Herodotos to declare them “the manliest and most just of the tribes of the Thraikes,” they were eventually defeated and at least some of their number enslaved by the king of kings.

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    The EBII Team presented another new faction in his latest preview: the Boii.

    These eastern Celts pose a formidable threat to the entire continent. Their warriors are ferocious and battle hardened, their kings are mighty and crafty, and their coffers overflow with the riches of trade. They remember the ancient Celtic empire, and if it would be reforged, they would have it done at their hands. They have the power and sway to attempt such a feat, and need only a leader to carry forth their power in all directions.

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    Argoi ("Nobles")

    This is the first of a series of 3 previews planned for this great celtic faction. Check it out!
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