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    1.   All new links should be created in this category - they can then be associated to other categories as part of the creation process. [134 entries]      
        Tutorials relating to the animation of troops. [7 entries]      
        Tutorials regarding modding all aspects of the battlefield aside from units - including buildings, vegetation, sky, time of day, landscapes and creating custom battlefields using the Battle Editor. [12 entries]      
        Tutorials regarding modding buildings & settlements both on strategic map and battlefield map. [26 entries]      
        Tutorials relating to the creation of campaign maps and optimisation of AI and player starting positions to achieve specific results. [22 entries]      
        Tutorials regarding changing characters including traits & ancillaries, names and editing family trees. [14 entries]      
        Tutorials relating to modifying the triggers and contents of event messages that occur throughout the campaign. [1 entries]      
        Tutorials as to modifications that can be made that effect the entirety of a faction, such as faction symbols, core personalities, hording and other attributes. [19 entries]      
        Tutorials relating to modifying battlefield unit formation files. [1 entries]      
        Tutorials relating to models made for the game in 3DSmax. [25 entries]      
        Tutorials about modifying the audio element of Rome Total War. [5 entries]      
        Tutorials around how to use the Rome Total War scripting language used in show_me files and the Prologue in background, event and campaign scripts. [7 entries]      
        Tutorials relating to the 2D textures that 'paint' the 3D model of units and buildings. [7 entries]      
        Tutorials relating to sprites - 2d images used to replace 3d model units at certain distances to improve game performance. [1 entries]      
        Tutorials about the creation and editing of all aspects of faction technology trees and their capabilities. [7 entries]      
        Tutorials relating to how modding tools are used, whether provided by CA or created by the community. [19 entries]      
        Tutorials regarding the small 2D graphic which denotes a specific unit on the campaign map and battlefield, also the larger 2D unit_info graphic included with the unit description. [10 entries]      
        Tutorials relating to Rome Total War units. [22 entries]      
        Tutorials about other elements of the user interface such as loading screens, faction videos and quotes. [3 entries]      
        A category for modders to add links to useful answers - either from questions they've asked themselves or when they've written the answers and would like to have it available for future reference. [145 entries]      
            Answers: animations [4]   Answers: Barbarian Invasion specific [6]   Answers: battlemaps [3]   Answers: buildings [7]   Answers: campaign maps [8]   Answers: command line switches [3]   Answers: converting between versions [1]   Answers: CTDs (Crashes to Desktop) [3]   Answers: custom battles [3]   Answers: factions [3]   Answers: file formats [2]   Answers: hard-coded limits [1]   Answers: models [7]   Answers: mod switch [2]   Answers: scripting [7]   Answers: sprites [1]   Answers: textures (skins) [6]   Answers: units [9]   Answers: user interface [1]   Total War modding humour [7]      

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