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    1.   This is the demo released in January 2000 and the early mods made by fans. [2 entries]      
        Patches official and beta. [12 entries]      
           [37 entries]      
        STW and STW MI/WE Maps. [2 entries]      
        Single player campaigns for STW MI/WE. Suited for expansion pack only. [17 entries]      
        Historical battles for STW. Authentic, history related or just fun. [16 entries]      
        Historical campaigns for STW. Can be played as historical battle. [2 entries]      
        Stat files for STW MI/WE. These are files for unit behaviours and only work for the expansion pack. They are graphics and or text, sometimes full conversions. [15 entries]      
           [24 entries]      
      Art [31 entries]      
        STW themed mini games. [4 entries]      

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