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Thread: umm....maby this will get ea\'s attention

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    well today has been a boring one without our beloved shogun. however maby some good will come out of it. i was directed to and found out we can play shogun on that server. it is a one time fee service of i think $20..but you can download a free trial version and try it out. its options include things we have craved for in the community like maxium pings for people who join and other cool stuff. im not a computer guru and i was not able to get it to work but i only put a few minutes into the task hoping i could report my findings here and some more pc savy users could investagate. i know that i have been reaching in my attemps to play stw but i truly hope this attempt pans out.. so far ea has decided to ignore our comments about their sub-par server but this just might get their attention.. afterall..if we find another server to play on they will lose out..not us.

    with the best of intentions,

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    I installed Kali and looked for some Shogun games there last week, but didn't see any. Shogun is on Kali's compatibility list. It will probably be necessary to make arrangements with another player to try it at a prearranged time. I haven't used Kali before, so I was a little unsure how to set it up for a specific game.

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    My limited understanding of Kali is that it uses the IPX protocol to enable peer-to-peer connectivity. Essentially all that Kali would do is manage the initial connections as the game is set up and then everything would run the same as it does/doesn't on the EA server. The only difference is that there would not be a Shogun dedicated Foyer as we have when the server isn't down.


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    yes, i think it's ipx that kali uses. same as Heat and Gamespy. the trick with that is that the server has to be set up to use it. i forget if it's a port # or what that the server has to know about the game before it can work, but it can be done with almost any tcp/ip type game if you know what to look for. The Zone also had a service for running ipx and direct ip games but before they would add one to their list of compatible games they had to do something on their end to allow it to work. if Kali has done this for stw, then cool, it shld work.

    it's a shame that CA didnt allow for direct ip games. we could be playing right now regardless of the EA server's being down. we used to have similar problems on Heat at times and we'd simply use icq to set up direct ip games. we'd also do this when routes to Heat were lagging too badly for a decent game. you dont have the foyer, of course, but you just use icq as an alternative foyer.

    btw, i believe the gateway is now down on the ea site. you dont even get the msg of 'logging on....' now.

    the other option i've seen used at times is irc as a host for setting up games, but again, you'd have to know how to cut into stw to set it up.

    oh well, hopefully this is all a part of setting up the servers for the new patch and exp pack. perhaps we'll get the patch this week?


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    Krast thanks Capey for trying innovative solution.

    Krast shares the frustration of no game to play.

    How can Krast annoy the online community without the Shogun chatroom?

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    Pay to play online, I don't thik so.

    Keep it free and with EA, I'm sure they will get around to improving online play.


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