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Thread: Mini-Mod: Numidians Strike Back!

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    Default Mini-Mod: Numidians Strike Back!

    Hi there.

    This was intended as an experiment, to see how far the engine could be pushed to create the most powerful "unit" possible within the Rome:Total War game-just by changing some key stats and skeleton models. As I've only just begun editing, this is really very very simple stuff-it was a learning exercise, no flaming please.

    Overall, this mod should make Numidia very easy to play. I hope you find it enjoyable as a one-day-world-domination pastime. In fact, I challenge someone to beat the game in under 10 turns with this mod on VH/VH settings.

    First, screenshots:

    Basic introduction:

    Numidians are considered one of the hardest races to conquer the world with in Vanilla. In fact, it was voted as the most difficult faction by nearly a third of the members of the Guild when a poll was conducted ~2 years ago or so.

    Well, god has heard their pleas and have bestowed some of his strength upon them, as well as given them access to the mighty soldiers of heaven and heavenly wood to build indestructible catapults and boats.


    New Units:

    1. God's Avengers: Invincible, 10-feet tall awe-inspiring shock troops that can outrun any mortal beast or human and rain hellfire down upon enemies many kilometers away with deadly accuracy. (Upkeep/Cost/retraining all costs 1)

    Mod-Talk: uses a 2.0 scaled skeleton of British Head Hurlers. Why hurlers? Their skeleton has fastest rate of fire and also the fastest run speed among infantry troops. All relevant attack/defense/armor stats have been raised to 65535, where possible. Range was maxed out at 303. 255 HP given, all skills given etc etc etc. Head was changed to flaming heavy onager shots (permanent flame), yet with the same accuracy as regular arrows.

    I tried adding animals to the squad as well, but it kept giving me CTDs, and I came to the conclusion that only "handler" unit types can use animals in their unit. Perhaps I can make elephants escort the unit. stay tuned for further discoveries.

    2.Adam Tree Catapults: Power Up version of regular heavy Onagers.
    3. Adam Tree Deceres: Power Up version of regular Deceres.

    These units have been made such that Numidia can build them as soon as the most basic core building (level 1) is complete (and Only Numidia!).

    NOTE: God values humility, and to remind the Numidians of this, the unit cards for these units show barbarian peasants.

    a.k.a. These units all have proper descriptions in-game, but I did not go through the painstaking process of adding new unit cards.

    New Traits/Ancillaries:

    1. New trait-"God": God has blessed this individual with a small portion of his holy power. Effect: +65535 on all possible positive stats (except population growth), -65535 on all possible negative stats

    NOTE: Triggers have been manipulated such that this trait is automatically given to any general/family member/agent within the Numidian faction. Even bribed generals will immediately receive this trait.

    NOTE: When any character has this trait, most negative traits are negated and converted to positive traits-even if the character, as a bribed general, had a bad trait before entering Numidia's service.

    2. New ancillary-"Angel": God has bestowed all whom he bless with an Angel to carry out his holy words. Effect: +65535 on all possible positive stats (except population growth), -65535 on all possible negative stats

    NOTE: Triggers have been manipulated such that anyone with the God trait receives Angel by default.

    Other Feature:

    Numidia is now able to build every building available to other factions. This does not include Temples, however-Only the temple of horse has been added. But after all, that's the only temple you should really need, as the highest level temple of horse gives +5 experience to any troop trained.
    Numidia also begins with a mountain of gold bestowed by god. (5,000,000 gold).

    Download Link:

    Unzip the data.7z into your data folder.

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    Default Re: Mini-Mod: Numidians Strike Back!

    As I STILL have not received the "edit post" button yet, I'm adding another little note. I do not know how to add elephants as a regenerating entourage for my troop, but when I try to add hounds as animals accomponying the squad, the ranged capability becomes non-existent and the melee also loses their huge swords and only fight by swinging their heads.

    Is it possible to:
    1. add animals different than flaming pigs and warhounds,
    2. change the motion while being a handler such that the fireball throw can be maintained

    Unless I learn how to do that, my conclusion will still be that the fireball hurlers are the strongest possible unit in Rome: TW.

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    Sorry. It seems like there's a confusion between this post and another post I had made about this on the General RTW discussion forum. I hope the mods figure it out... Please delete the other thread and keep this one alive. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Mini-Mod: Numidians Strike Back!

    Ja mata


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    Default Re: Mini-Mod: Numidians Strike Back!


    Sorry, I deleted the topic by accident. Luckily it could be undone within a minute.

    This should be fun.

    Which version of RTW does this mod work on?
    Ja mata


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    Default Re: Mini-Mod: Numidians Strike Back!

    it should work fine with 1.5...

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    Default Re: Mini-Mod: Numidians Strike Back!

    I have got all the fun I will ever get out of it by looking at your screenshots

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    Default Re: Mini-Mod: Numidians Strike Back!

    I think I'm going to take the time today and try to find if I can make scaled version of the armoured elephants, have the flame hurlers ride on the elephants, and create an unstoppable army that doesn't need onagers to break down sieges.


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