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    Default Naval Warfare Simulations

    Thank God for NWS. I bought M2TW Gold from NWS ( and after all the problems I've been having trying to play it on my VISTA OS they have been great. They recommended I exchange the Gold version for original M2TW and the Expansion disk, which I'm going to do.

    If you buy games online, check out NWS first.


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    Default Re: Great Online Site for Buying Games

    Looks like they specialize in wargames. How do you communicate with them? Do they have their own forums or are you using e-mail?
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    Default Re: Great Online Site for Buying Games

    They have their own site and online store -

    And they are primarily wargames. Of course, that's where my interest lies. They have the best customer service support I've ever experienced.

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    Thanks for this link Rick...

    I'll look into them, as I intend on buying several strat/war games this year.


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