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Thread: Fire Mages in RTW! XD

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    Default Fire Mages in RTW! XD

    The ultimate culmination of the most powerful unit possible in RTW.

    I'll write a fancy introduction later, but basically, this unit is:

    1. classified as cavalry, meaning fastest moving speed in the strategic map

    2. can siege on its own without any siege equipment, knocking down the heaviest of gates in 4 hits

    3. invincible vs any enemy attacks, INCLUDING BURNING OIL

    4. shoot 15 fireballs every 3-4 seconds with perfect accuracy, even vs enemies on top of walls or very very far away

    5. use a force-field type attack to launch entire regiments of enemies into the air, greatly damaging them in the process.

    All by merely changing a few text files and changing just 2 files through xidx.

    The end result is, predictably:

    Now, should I make this available once again to a specific faction? I want to release this mod, but this time, I actually want it to be used rather than be ignored.

    Maybe I should balance this-make it cost 50,000 denari and 10 turns to summon, only available when the most advanced temple is built.

    ... Will anyone be interested in using this mod, even just for fun?

    All I need now is a new model or texture to go along with the motions...
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    Default Re: Fire Mages in RTW! XD

    I want to get rid of the aim-fire voice for the "Crew," so that the feeling of a fire mage can really be captured. I also want to change the sound when the missile is fired. Right now it makes a hollow wooden sound... Is this in any way possible?
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    Default Re: Fire Mages in RTW! XD

    Now retextured to red, and with correct unit cards! XD

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    Default Re: Fire Mages in RTW! XD

    I had planned to edit this further by making a companion "blue mage." However...

    It seems like the firey explosions are tied to the code itself, and I cannot make it reference a different texture for a different type of flaming projectile... I don't think I can do the blue flame and explosion unless I make the blue explosion for all the other projectiles as well... : (

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    Default Re: Fire Mages in RTW! XD

    You could make a new projectile. It isn't that hard IIRC. Have a look at descr_projectiles.txt

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    Default Re: Fire Mages in RTW! XD

    I know I can make a new projectile. The fireballs you see above ARE due to new projectiles.

    Thing is, the textures they refer to are not referenced within the projectile file. All they refer to in terms of explosions are the following lines:

    effect 			fiery_boulder_set
    end_effect		fiery_boulder_explosion_set
    ??? And I'm stuck from here. Which files define these three things?

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    Default Re: Fire Mages in RTW! XD

    Wow sounds interesting , i would like to play such a mod lols

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    Smile Re: Fire Mages in RTW! XD

    hey , mind giving me all the skeletons and etc. for the druid , and where to copy them to , thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Fire Mages in RTW! XD

    I really hope you're still around....


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