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Thread: Southeastern and Western Factions?

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    Default Southeastern and Western Factions?

    Hey, just downloaded the beta for the first time a few days ago. Absolutely love it so far, I hope you guys eventually finish it.

    I assume that you have a plan for this, but I've noticed that the Northeast section of the map tends to become rather busy, while the southern chunk tends to be a little boring, due to the lack of minor factions there. I would love to see a faction in the Southeast, based off the Vietnamese, Malaysians or Cambodians, as well as maybe a Western faction, perhaps the Bactrians or something. Even having a second Indian faction would be cool.

    I read something in the earlier forums here that seemed like you were going to make a Vietnamese faction inevitably, but I just wanted to know whether that was actually going through. No pressure, though, I love the mod as it is so far!

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    Default Re: Southeastern and Western Factions?

    Well. I do have a Southeast-asian Faction up my sleeve indeed.
    But it is neither Vietnamese, nor Kambodian. In fact, If I could
    decide freely, my concept would heavily set them apart from
    all the other factions in playstile and unit composition, but:
    distant future talk, this is.
    Since I want to finish this within my lifetime, I will
    save the surprise for a future expansion.
    A second Indian Faction is not planned up to now, as I can not
    think about an additional "character" for that faction as of yet.
    It was hard enough to really come up with consistent concepts
    for a real difference between the factions there are, especially
    the Yuwan and Zhuanshi, and the Akagi and Zensen in the
    planned release already.
    You know, in the original game those factions were very similar.
    This bore has been adjusted. The shady Yuwan, for example,
    will now require a *rather* different approach to victory (;))
    than the magnificient Zhuanshi.
    Enough said, I am busy with real life work.

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    Default Re: Southeastern and Western Factions?

    Sounds fantastic. I can't wait to see what you have "up your sleeve", but I'm having plenty of fun with the mod as is anyways. Take your time!

    The "real-life" thing is understood. Being in college, I seem to have forgotten all about it hahaha!


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