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Thread: Can't build high level ports as Moors

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    I'm playing as the Moors in regular M2TW. I'm playing the unpatched version out of the box. I can't download the patch, for various reasons. I can't seem to build any of the ports above the shipyard. I have huge cities and citadels. Is there some prereq building I'm not seeing, or is this a bug? Or is there some date you have to wait to to get them? Things I can't build such as docklands, dockyard, navel drydock. It shows them in the building browser but I can't build them. I've looked in the guides and forums here and can't find any info on it, so I fear it's just me being stupid. Although I've been playing this game over a year. Thanks for your help,

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    I'm not sure of the exact naval units the Moors get, but for most factions you get a basic ship and a more advanced ship until around turn 105 - the advent of gunpowder. You then get gunboats and eventually, when the world is discovered as round around turn 150 (although I've never got that far) you get ocean going giant ships.

    So you just need to wait for those events to occur before you get the opportunity to recruit the larger vessels.

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    Thanks for your help, I knpw this game can be kind of arbitrary, but i am wondering if anyone has some specific infomation on this, from experience. I would like to know. i am pretty drunk, just so you know :)


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    Don't drink and fight! Think about all the slaughter it may cause!


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