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Thread: !!!"£$%^&* Siege Towers

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    Angry !!!"£$%^&* Siege Towers

    Had three siege tower attacking Capua. One got burnt - fair enough - but the troops got caught on the ramp of the other two and I had to withdrawl.

    I got back there as soon as I could, but a big SPQR army attacked me and I had to pull back.

    Some will same I should have built more, but I wanted to capture the town before reinforcements could turn up!

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    Default Re: !!!"£$%^&* Siege Towers

    Select the men that got stuck. Press cancel. Click wall, press cancel, click wall and keep repeating until you get the unit up there.

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    Default Re: !!!"£$%^&* Siege Towers

    Actually, I'd just worked that out for myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DerekBaker
    Actually, I'd just worked that out for myself.
    I posted it somewhere else but this may help you as well.

    Three units of onagers or heavy onagers.

    Knock a hole in the wall, knock down the towers on both sides.

    Let your onagers keep pounding on anyone staying near the breach. Maybe you can even open another breach if you have enough ammunition.

    Send your archers forward to soften up the breach some more. Keep your cavalry close by to protect them. Then send in your heavy infantry.

    Secure the breach, send your "empty" onager crews to capture the towers around the walls. (This will not work well if the enemy has heavy infantry on the walls.)

    Take the city.

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