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Thread: Merc faction for AOR

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    Default Merc faction for AOR

    In dmb I noticed that the mercenery units are assigned to the merc faction. Since ingame anyone can get mercenery units that have the same skin, even if that faction uses the model for some other unit, is it possible to use this to create aor units (that have the same skin for every faction) rather than individually assign a skin to each faction?

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    I think so - that sounds like a trick some mods use to get two different skins for a faction without using a second model.

    If the EDU for the unit has the mercenary_unit attribute, I think you should get the merc version of the skin if you make it recruitable in EDB....
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    What I've had to do is create another entry in the EDU if I want to recruit a mercenary that isn't merc-colored. It can use the same model in the DMB, you'll just need to add textures and sprites for that model that reflect your faction.

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    I've been using mercenary units cloned from normal units as AOR system from ages. That means that it is possible. Yes.


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