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    Hi there,

    Couldnt see if this had been posted before...

    I had a flash flood disaster event "in the sea" I lost about 2/5 of my sailors :( but no big deal. On the same turn I noticed that my ships were only able to move about 50% of their previous distance. It takes me 4 turns to get between Rhodes and Sparta now....

    I have the same problem with all my ships, even new ones, fully crewed etc. I dont know if the two events are related but it does seem a big co-incidence. Anyone had anything similar or got any ideas how to restore the original movement allowance?

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    In some cases you can restore the movement by deleting map.rwm. It's a roll of the dice though. Oh, and yeah, it's the flood causing it. We're checking the disaster locations for the next version.
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    Bovi, I believe most of the disasters are fixed, at least for 1.1. So in future versions, no more weird flood problems, yay!
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