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Thread: Maddy McCann vs Shannon Mathews

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    Thumbs down Maddy McCann vs Shannon Mathews

    These two cases have been lumped together by the UK media, in my oppinion that is totally wrong, yes the McCans and Matthews(?) have young girls who are currently missing but that is where the similarities finish, one was on holiday, the other on a normal school day. Also (this is turning into a rant) what right do the media have to comment on where Shannon lived and how much her mother slept around. I happen to work with the stepdad and he is not "both simple and scruffy" basically the McCanns were respectable people with good jobs and morals so in my view the media wanted to promote the fact that people from the UK are like this whereas the media are looking down through their nose at the poor girl who vanished without a single trace, whereas there has been sightings of Maddy. Why should Maddy have more coverage than Shannon?

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