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Thread: They siege but don't move.

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    Default They siege but don't move.

    Settlement: Sigidunum population 16500 Celtic wall, mic 3
    I play : Dacia
    Attack: from Epeiros
    Year 235 bc (now)
    The problem is they siege and don't attack , just watch at my gates under the fire of my archers.
    I passed thru almost 10 sieges and every time almost I had to get out of the settlement and make them flee or just press CTRL T.
    My observation is : When they attack with Trispithanoi Katapeltai (Three-span Arrow Projector) they stay and watch all the army just doesn't move and when they come withaught the siege weapon they attack so is there any interference between the siege weapon and the settlement or maybe the opidia wall?

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    Default Re: They siege but don't move.

    That's odd. Perhaps the artillery has too short range? IE, the AI wants to wait outside of bowshot range with all its units until the wall is broken, but it needs to move the artillery closer, but it wants to keep its units out of bowshot, but it needs to move the artillery closer...

    I'd suggest to make sure you kill off their artillery piece the next time, or auto_win.

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    Default Re: They siege but don't move.

    For example if i get with a unit out of the settlement to destroy the siege weapon i get attacked imediatly by a unit then another .... and I can't destroy the siege weapon , but i believe it works as I remember destroing it once .
    I will finally follow your sugestion with auto win.

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    Default Re: They siege but don't move.

    I had this exact same problem with TFT, it seems we got screwed by the hardcode again.

    Pathfinding in and around cities in RTW is horrible.
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