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    Hi, in my recent game of as WRE I have run into some troubles with the Barbarian Hordes. I have had the extreme bad luck of being attacked more or less at the same time by the Goths, Vandals, Sarmatians, Franks and Huns and last but not least the ERE (I accepted becoming their protectorate for some breathing space and they declare war again the next turn) which has pushed my empire to the breaking point.

    Anyway the Goths are gone, Vandals no longer threaten me, Franks are held up by a series of forts along the border. However the Sarmatians and Huns ARGH, for both of them their army was reduced down to nothing however they both captured Mediolanium and Ravenna respectively. (Wasn't aware that hordes could attack on the same turn they seiged a city, completely unhinged my strategy)

    Several turns later their pathetic armies are defeated only for them to horde all over again! I'm fine with the challenge hordes bring however this was ridiculous, they managed to convince Romans who they had enslaved last year to turn on the empire and embrace a life in the saddle????

    So my question is what do I have to do to remove both of these pesky hordes from the map? Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Forgot to mention I am playing Rome Total War: Gold Edition if that makes any difference.


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    I think the save files can't be modified.

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    This subforum is solely for tutorials, tools and guides for modifying your game. Only post a thread here if you are posting a new guide, tutorial or tool.
    Darn, and I thought someone had worked out how to edit them.
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    Moved to modding Questions....

    and no I don't think you can do anything with them either. Sorry.
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    Ah that is unfortunate, thanks for the quick replies though.


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    Default Re: Editing Savefiles

    Sounds like a fun campaign to me


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