I was wondering, since as I'm hopefully going to dabble in M2TW again soon, that I could somehow incorporate some of the elements of the Kingdoms version of LTC (4.0/4.1) into LTC 3.0/3.1, namely things like the eras and at least some of the ai enhancements. However, being no expert at doing anything of this sort, I was curious if anyone could help me out with a few suggestions or any advice, which I would be very grateful for.

I don't intend to buy Kingdoms, just reinstall M2TW when my bro rebuilds the computer (been having serious problems with the old one). Hopefully some of what I want is possible without too much difficulty (I'd lament endless testing to see if the game imploded or not).

Not entirely certain if I will play the LTC mod, but it's always nice to know if I do, I can have some of the later modifications made to it.

Thanks for any help in advance.