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Thread: How can I add a new faction?

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    Default Re: Making a new campaign map.

    how can i build a new faction in RTW i making my own mod too

    I want to build Athens faction in Athens town have only 1 province

    how can i do it or It can't create anymore faction

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    Default Re: Making a new campaign map.

    There is a max limit of 20 factions + rebels, and all slots are in use in vanilla RTW, so you'd have to replace an existing faction with your new "Athens" faction. Depending on the extent of what you plan to do, that can mean from a few textual description files to a LOT of files including code, textures and interface. There is bound to be a relevant guide in the Scriptorium somewhere.

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    Default Re: Making a new campaign map.

    I want to add new faction in campaign

    Can I copy faction from BI and change Faction name

    but... I don't know where to put the script code in

    can you only told me what txt file in RTW I have to change please

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    Default Re: How can I add a new faction?

    I've moved this from the 'making a new campaign map' tutorial thread as it was not relevant to the topic.

    There isn't a simple way of adding a faction from BI to RTW, it involves a lot of files not just one. The only thing easier about taking a faction from BI and trying to add it is that the components (models, textures and symbols) are already made for you - you still have to add everything individually in the same way as you would if you were trying to convert a faction to something else.

    Starting point just to change name of faction is the expanded_BI.txt file in data/text - change the parts outside the {} brackets and leave the bits inside alone. So you have
    {old_faction} New Faction
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