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Thread: changing faction names - help please

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    Default changing faction names - help please

    Hi there,

    I got a basic modding question:

    How do you change faction names? For example, I was thinking of changing 'England' to 'House of Plantagenet' and so on. Any advice welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: changing faction names - help please

    Super easy, dude. All you have to do is open expanded.txt in you m2tw text folder and change the names to whatever you want. make sure to delete your expanded.txt.strings.bin after you're done editing so the game can generate a new one from your .txt file. This way your changes will show up in the game
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    Default Re: changing faction names - help please

    Hey, this sounds too good to be true! Many thanks for the info - I owe you one! all the best.


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