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Thread: Titles for sale

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    Default Titles for sale

    Whilst roaming around on the internet i stumbled upon this.

    Im a geographer so my knowledge of history is apparent, but not vast. I was under the impression that knighthoods and other honors were illegal to purchase. Ive know of a few cases where local landowners can obtain minor tittles usually for a field. I even heard of one case where a title was bought which gave the owner the power to tax people who used a certain passage.

    Could this link be derived from all that, or is it just a hoax.

    That first title is most appealing as i am an avid Arsenal fan
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    Default Re: Titles for sale

    Its a scam.

    It is impossible to purchase genuine British titles of nobility or peerage titles directly, with one possible exception: it was possible (until 28 November 2004, when the Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc. (Scotland) Act 2000 came into force) to acquire a feudal title (in meaning: actual title to superiority over territorial entity) to a Scottish barony.
    And its no different with the French titles that is offered.

    It is impossible to buy titles of nobility in France today.
    The reason is simple: in modern French law, titles of nobility are a component of the family name, subject to particular rules of transmission. No statutes exist to create or confer property rights in a title. The bearer of a title has no ability to dispose of it, any more than he can dispose of his or her last name.


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    Default Re: Titles for sale

    While this might not be the thread for the discussion, yet, as I could find no other, how exactly were the titles given? I mean, apart from bravery in battles, and inheritance, how could a common man obtain a title?

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    Default Re: Titles for sale

    In some periods titles were often given to rich merchants who just paid enough to earn a noble rank.

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    "For services rendered" was a pretty common way AFAIK. For example in Early Modern Sweden not a few career adminstrators, soldiers etc. were created nobility as rewards of their services to the Crown and State.
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    Default Re: Titles for sale

    As far as I know, you can buy a title in Sealand.

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    Default Re: Titles for sale

    However, in England where one can change ones name fairly easily by deed poll, I don't think there's anything to stop someone changing their name from John Smith to Lord John of Smithbury.
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