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Thread: No peace for Carthage

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    Default No peace for Carthage

    I try-ed to give Rome a gift of 700 each turn. It had been in affect for over 10 turns. In diplomacy Rome named me fried of Rome, and by Jupiter we look forward to next time..

    Still some turn later they would always attack my island holdings. This has happend in every game I have played as Carthage.

    Is it impossible on VH / M to have lasting peace with Rome as Carthage?

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    It's pretty easy, send a few full stacks and destroy rome, that does it


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    The diplomacy for VH is about as good a rabid dog. Pretty much you share border they will go after you. Also in the script there is a trigger for a Punic war if certain territories in sicily are taken by either side. This could be your problem.

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    Default Re: No peace for Carthage

    The AI of RTW is to stupid.
    If you want better AI, you most wait for EBII

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    On my Romani campaign I had Egypt and the Seleucids as my vassals and they haven't attacked me yet. In the end I just ended up attacking Egypt because i'm greedy. But if you have a large Empire, (I had something like 115 provinces) You can make them your vassal and they shouldn't attack you. However, i'm not sure if this would work for Qart and Romani.
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    Try conquering your way up to Rhegion and then giving that province to another faction. Then ask for a ceasefire with Rome.
    Or just smash them all into the ground for their subborn defiance.
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    I agree with Laevex, you must create a space between you and the greedy red monster. But that will only prolong it. Rhegion has a land bride to Sicilia, so Rome will make it to you if you stay in Sicily. So, either take Sicily and prepare for war or give it up and expand elsewhere.
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    Default Re: No peace for Carthage

    ... or you can just use "force diplomacy" option!

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    Sure you can, but they´ll betray you the next turn, so it don´t help much.
    As the Romani I made Getia my vassal after reducing it to 2 regions, I thought for sure they would attack, but they´ve been realy friendly for about 20 years now. Nice fellows.
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    Default Re: No peace for Carthage

    how does one force diplomacy?
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    Default Re: No peace for Carthage

    Quote Originally Posted by Ibrahim
    how does one force diplomacy?
    By downloading the submod in the unofficial mods subforum.


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