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Thread: Breaking the Roman Superalliance

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    Default Breaking the Roman Superalliance

    Hi there, I was wondering how do you change the superalliance between the Roman Factions to a standard, breakable one? I've been through the game files but can't seem to find anything, possibly because I play Rome Total War Gold Edition if that changes anything. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Default Re: Breaking the Roman Superalliance

    No . Gold Edition does not change anything ..

    i'm not sure but if you want to make it standard alliance then first you should delete the following lines > "superfaction romans_senate" < in youre descr_strat file

    also you could change the core attitudes .. you can find them at the bottom of the descr_strat file

    hope this helps ..
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    Default Re: Breaking the Roman Superalliance

    [NB] When you have done this do not click on the Senate tab as it will cause a CTD.


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