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    Hi There,

    I added Judaism as a religion into MTW2 but need some advice.

    Basically, I added Judaism as a religion to certain cities, with a base level of between 2 and 10 per cent. Having done this I ran the game to see what would happen. Well, religious unrest was up, as might be expected. But when I built churches and recuited priests, the Judaism percentage gradually dwindled to nothing. By AD 1121 most traces of it had disappeared. Is there a way of helping Judaism survive longer?

    For example, would it be possible to add synagogues and recruit rabbis? I ask because I think this may be a way of helping Judaism survive longer.

    My whole idea with this Judaism thing is simply to recreate a more historical Medieval scenario.

    Well, any help and advcie would be welcome. I'm only a beginner at modding, so I need basic advice. Thanks in advance.
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