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Thread: Effect of Difficulty level on campaign map?

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    Default Effect of Difficulty level on campaign map?

    I ve read the various effects of difficulty level on the battlefield, but what about on the campaign map?

    (Apart from the florins)
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    Default Re: Effect of Difficulty level on campaign map?

    Those are the only differences AFAIK. Unlike the battles, I've never detected any noticeable difference in the capabilities of the campaign AI (aside from the amount of florins, of course).
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    Default Re: Effect of Difficulty level on campaign map?

    Battle field differences are plenty! All enemy unit +30% to atk + Def makes a huge difference, as does +4 global morale boost means routing the enemy is much harder. it's equivalent to the morlae boost granted by and 8 command general!

    Combine with less starting cash limiting your expansion development and military funds in the early game, while AI can expand more quickly/fund a bigger military/tech up faster.

    I don't think it was any impact on things like alliances etc. or effectiveness of subterfuge units.


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