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    Default Senate

    How can I remove the Senate completely from the game?

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    Will it cause a CTD if you first remove superfaction from the descr_strat, then give the settlement latium (Rome) to the Julii (could give it to any) making sure that Decius is out of Rome and a Julii fm is inside? Will the SPQR family members just turn into rebels or is it not so easy?

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    Simple, you have to remove every reference (and I mean absolutely every reference) to romans_senate from all files in your rtw install.

    @dung3r You're asking a different question, that question has been answered a few thread further down.
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    For Gaivs Valerivs Sejanvs, you can use
    if you want a RTW mod for vanilla 1.5 with the senate functionality removed - but game otherwise the same. That just changed the romans_senate name to slavs - which means that all the hard coded bumf about the senate is removed.

    You'd still need to take the 'slavs' faction out of descr_strat.txt and re-assign Rome, if you don't want the faction that looks like the senate to appear.

    That does anyway remove the senate offices button that causes crash if you try any other method of not having senate.
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