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Thread: Ronins gone mad

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    Just finished a game playing oda with ShaiHulud's opening (ref. "Oda for pros")that went pretty well, but something odd happened. After Hojo died in battle, mori inherited the land but became very passive, leaving rich provinces unprotected, not even reacting when ronin or oda took them. just staying there, in 3 provinces with 4,000 to 8,000 soldiers waiting in each.

    Meanwhile, ronins went mad, attacking me from shinano twice even if in each province i had a full army. Then a ronin geisha appeared going after my daimyo USING PORTS once in her inital attack. Was i surprised, luckily i got her with a ninja (honour 5) after several missed attemps. Have anyone of you had a similar experience with very agressive ronins? and how about geishas using a port, jumping several provinces? mind you i had fun,but is it possible that for the program mori and ronin were reversed?

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    Long time ago, I had Geisha {Shimazu} was also the ports too! The only one time...
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    I've had geisha stalk me using ports,ninja and shinobi infiltrate this way too.One campaign I had 2 geisha after my Daimyo and I stayed 1 step ahead of them by sailing from one port to the next until I could kill the harpies,one with a geisha of my own the other with 5 ninja attacks before I was rid of her.I've had ronin armies attack me,usually a leftover Hojo hoard,when they have a large superiority in men.If I take a province that borders this hoard sometimes they will counter attack.If you can hold them off for a couple of seasons they will usually give up attacking you.I've seen the situation you described with Mori inheriting allies land and armies and then being passive.I wonder if maybe the allied generals that join Mori's clan are low or negative honor and act passive because of this low honor rating.I never really paid it that much attention,but will next time.
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    I think the AI attends to ronin that BEGIN as ronin differently than units that go ronin after a Daimyo's death. They just don't act the same, imo.

    Ronin Geisha.... this game keeps coming up with something new, eh? hehe

    A question... does it seem that Oda always winds up facing Geisha? Does to me....

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