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    Have you ever had a captain, single general or even single unit that has lasted a remarkably long time?

    I remember one time i had a captain with some spearmen on a wall during a seige and after the spearmen all died, the captain managed to hold off the enemy soldiers (forgot what they where) for almost the whole battle and killing a load of them. Held off quite a few units of mongols on that wall, too bad the guy died.
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    Often while my men are fighting away and Ive got nothing to do but wait, I'll pick one at random to watch (like some Jason and the Argonoughts god). Ive had quite a few heroic efforts from captains and even average soldiers.
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    Yes, especially in the early period i like to use my kings to take 2 even 3 new settlements, plus battles. I make it hte 'kings army' and have them retrained and so they reach like silver chevrons. I try to avoid getting the king killed lol, its not that hard to do really, and he can kick a lot of ass being 50 plus men and the morale for the army. The best king i used was as France, and as HRE

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    I had an infantry captain once route 4 peasant units by himself, apparently charging by himself into the first unit scared em enough to cause the others to run. I did have re-enforcements, but they were tucked neatly away in a nearby forest waiting to ambush or retreat depending on how the battle went.

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